Военните в САЩ изполват Cellcrypt Encryption App за защита на чувствителна информация

Cellcrypt featured in Military Embedded Systems, US – September 5th 2011:

Off-the-shelf iPhone, Blackberry, Nokia, or Android-based smartphones are simply everywhere and used by most everyone these days. And off-the-shelf smartphones are undoubtedly used by military officials, foreign dignitaries, and federal agents (or their staff members) hustling to schedule meetings. In the process, they reveal “sensitive but unclassified information” in the clear, including where and when to meet, with whom they will meet, travel plans, and more. Though this information seems rather mundane, if it is intercepted by hackers, it can present a high risk to national or personal security. But Cellcrypt, Inc. says they’ve developed a remedy: their secure voice calling app for smartphones (including secure text for Blackberry), used by the military and utilizing NSA Suite B and FIPS 140-2 crypto to secure sensitive but unclassified information.

Click here for the full story and interview with Ian Meakin of Cellcrypt by Sharon Hess, Managing Editor of Military Embedded Systems. This article was first published on September 5th 2011 and includes a behind-the-scenes look at how the application works technically.