BeyondTrust Announces Industry’s First DLP Solution with Real-Time Artificial Intelligence

BeyondTrust, the leading provider of privilege delegation and authorization management solutions, today announced the industry’s first and only data loss prevention (DLP) solution with real-time, distributed artificial intelligence. With this innovative capability, PowerBroker DLP v4.0 provides organizations a “zero-touch” solution to secure critical data without writing a single rule. It is the simplest, most flexible and easiest to deploy data protection solution for physical, virtual and mobile devices.

This major new release includes Active Profiler DX, BeyondTrust’s patent-pending technology that intelligently monitors and profiles ongoing user behaviour and activity, in order to then identify suspicious activity. Active Profiler DX learns the normal behaviour of each user in the enterprise, automatically detecting and preventing data leak threats, and eliminating the costly process of continuously discovering and classifying data. With PowerBroker DLP, organizations can defend against intentional or accidental disclosure of sensitive data and can detect and mitigate Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs). PowerBroker DLP is also context-aware, with the ability to identify intellectual property and personal, health, or financial data, allowing it to make smarter decisions about when to report or block suspicious activities.


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