PowerBroker Mobile вече на пазара

Какъв може да бъде резултатът от кръстоската на лидера в оценкaта на уязвимости със SaaS базирано решение за управление на мобилни устройства ( mobile device management – MDM)? Получавате решение за мобилни устройства, което включванай-добрите възможности за сигурност, конфигуриране и управление на съответствието с безпроблемна интеграция в Retina CS. Вие може да постигнете цялостно наблюдение на корпоративно ниво и да позволите  на служителите да ползват собствени мобилни устройства за (BYOD) достъп до корпоративната мрежа. You find a mobile solution that is easy to deploy and manage allowing you to do more with less.

PowerBroker Mobile represents the next generation of security, policy, and health management for mobile devices by providing remote administrative functions for smart phones and tablets. Vulnerability management for applications, operating system, and device configuration can be assessed through its unique connector capabilities within Retina CS. The solution integrates MDM functionality with security information for your organization to provide a complete perspective of devices that are communicating with your corporate infrastructure.

PowerBroker Mobile provides the following key features:

Application monitoring and assessment including the ability to block applications by name, threat, and vendor
Seamless integration into Retina CS for complete vulnerability management of mobile devices
Governance, Risk, and Compliance are all managed with an intuitive GRC interface
Rapid deployment using email based user enrollment
Automated rules and actions based on device characteristics and check-in times
GPS location aware and mapping

To request your trial of PowerBroker Mobile, please click here. Also, check out the following video and see why we say that BeyondTrust is the first security company to take mobile device management to the next level of security awareness: