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PowerBroker Mobile вече на пазара


Какъв може да бъде резултатът от кръстоската на лидера в оценкaта на уязвимости със SaaS базирано решение за управление на мобилни устройства ( mobile device management – MDM)? Получавате решение за мобилни устройства, което включванай-добрите възможности за сигурност, конфигуриране и управление на съответствието с безпроблемна интеграция в Retina CS. Вие може да постигнете цялостно наблюдение …

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How much you spend on information security?

The balance between money spent and security achieved is one of the most important aspects of information security. If a company has unlimited funds it could invest the funds into security and become “unhackable”. An effective example of this approach in physical world is security of country leaders. However, most of organizations have limited funds …

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Insider Threats Can Start from the Outside, Too

The term insider threats used to spark images of malicious employees stealing copies of files or looking at information they weren’t supposed to, but in today’s complex world of technology, insider threats have evolved.   According to a preliminary version of the Verizon 2012 Data Breach Investigations Report, 92 percent of attacks analyzed were external in …

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